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saguf is a professional association that has been committed to the promotion of environmental and sustainability research in Switzerland. It is committed to inter- and transdisciplinary, practice- and solution-oriented research.more

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New managing secretary for saguf

Dr Xenia Junge will take over the saguf office from Dr Manuela Di Giulio in mid-June 2021. The saguf executive board is looking forward to working with Xenia Junge and welcomes her!

Xenia Junge
Image: Xenia Junge

Dr Xenia Junge holds a PhD in biology and has research experience at the interface between natural and social sciences. In 2016, she founded the company "Dialog-N GmbH - Research and Communication for People, Environment and Nature", which she leads as co-managing director and co-owner. She brings with her a wealth of experience in environmental and sustainability research, making her an ideal choice for the saguf office.