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La saguf è una società specifica che s’impegna per la promozione della ricerca dell’ambiente e della sostenibilità in Svizzera. Si occupa della ricerca interdisciplinare orientata alla pratica e alle soluzioni.di più

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Innovation for Transformation

Goals and focus

Innovation is at the core of sustainable transformations of societies. If sustainable transformations are to succeed, new or existing knowledge, technologies, and practices must be developed or reassigned, respectively, in all areas of societal activity - energy, mobility, food, work, and housing. Knowledge, technologies, and practices must be oriented toward sustainable development in order to make functional contributions to a sustainability-oriented transformation. In the Anthropocene era that comes with increasing vulnerability due to planetary boundaries under pressure, sustainability-oriented innovations contribute to building both resilience and equity.
The Working Group Innovation for Transformation (InnoTrans) addresses the diversity of innovations and their implications for sustainability transformations. It addresses, from theoretical, empirical, and practical perspectives, past, present, and future; technological, social, and political; emergent (bottom-up) and directed (top-down) innovations and exnovations and their embeddedness in research, funding, consulting, policy, practice, and education. Questions of interest for InnoTrans include:

  • What are sustainability-oriented innovations and how do innovations become sustainable?
  • Under what conditions do sustainable innovations emerge and how do they spread?
  • What are the intended and unintended social, environmental, and economic consequences of innovations, and which innovations contribute to sustainability-oriented social transformations?

Lead: Andreas Kläy (CDE, Universität Bern; E-Mail:

Members: Max Bergman (Universität Basel), Basil Bornemann (Universität Basel), Olivier Ejderyan (FiBL), Livia Fritz (EPFL), Patrick Wäger (Empa)

Further Publications

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