Recherche intégrative sur les ressources

Goals and focus

Natural resources are a central reference point for environmental science and practice. There is much to suggest that modern societies go hand in hand with a systematic overexploitation of natural resources. Short-sighted economic interests and growth imperatives are not the only factors responsible for dysfunctional patterns of natural resource use. Rather, they are also the result of our increasingly fragmented knowledge of natural resources. In both science and practice, this has led to efforts to address natural resource management in a more integrated way.

The Working Group on Integrative Resource Research (IRF) has developed a conceptual framework for this, with which new approaches, methods and research techniques can be devised and shaped towards a more reflective understanding of integration-oriented research on natural resources (Bornemann et al. 2017). The aim is to further sharpen the concept of "integrative resource research", to deepen and apply what has been developed to date by means of examples, and to make the insights and insights gained available to a wider audience.

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